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Welcome to Taylor’s Verify, our online graduation verification service!

This service allows potential employers and/or sponsors to instantly verify the authenticity of the parchments conferred to Taylor’s University graduates. The search results will instantly reveal the title of the award and the date of conferment, allowing employers and sponsors to expedite their due-diligence and recruitment process.

At present, Taylor’s Verify caters to graduates of 2018 and future graduands. Students who graduated between the years of 2010 to 2017 can also have their parchment information verified via this service. To apply or for enquiries, kindly e-mail

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  1. I am a Taylor’s University graduate. How can I utilise this service?
    If you graduated in the year 2018, your online records are already in the system. For students who graduated between the years of 2010-2017, you may notify Campus Central to activate your online record. This will allow prospective employers and sponsors to verify the authenticity of your parchment.
  2. Why am I not able to verify my Foundation, Pre-University and Diploma qualification?
    At present, this service only supports degree parchments. The next stage of development will include other qualifications.

Should you have further questions, kindly e-mail